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Project highlights

Royal Swaziland Sugar Corp Sub- Surface Drip Development

Started in 1999, this Development was aimed at replacing the Royal Swaziland Sugar Corp’s aging Sprinkler and Flood Irrigation systems with modern Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation Systems. The project entailed the design, supply and installation of approximately 9000 ha. Also included in the project was the upgrading of existing pump stations, building of new cluster house control centres, filter stations and the comprehensive training of operators and field personnel. This project has grown to approximately 12,000 ha, making it the biggest Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation Scheme on Sugar Cane in the World.

Ubombo Sugar – Expansion Project

This Development, started in 2008, was aimed at increasing Ubombo Sugar’s Planted area to cater for the factory that was expanded. The project included the design, supply and installation of approximately 2000 ha under Center Pivots. We were also tasked with upgrading the existing pump stations, building of new pump stations and after sales servicing of Center Pivots.


TPC – Kahe Expansion Project

Started in 2004, this Development was aimed at constructing a new 1000 ha area under the TPC Tanzania Mill Rehabilitation Project. The project included the design, supply and installations of a 1000 ha Semi-solid Set Overhead Irrigation as well as a new Pump Station.

Xinavane Sugar – New Expansion Project

This development was done over a 3 year period from 2007 to 2009, during which Xinavane Sugar expanded their Mill and nearly doubled the Sugar Cane area. This new irrigation development included a total area of ± 6000 ha, of which Inyoni Africa installed ± 4380 ha. This area included 4380 ha of new semi-solid sprinkler installation and 5 x new pump stations. Two of these new pump stations were floating barge pump stations on the Komati River.

Other Major Projects

Some of our other highlights include : 

Gurue, Mozambique – 430 ha – Micro, Overhead Sprinklers and Center Pivots

Ghana – 413 ha – Pivots, Drip, Overhead Sprinklers and Flood

Xinavane Sugar, Mozambique – 4380 ha – Semisolid Set Development

Royal Swaziland Sugar – 12,000 ha Sub Surface Drip Developments

Nchalo Sugar, Malawi – Center Pivot Developments

MozPEL, Mozambique – Center Pivot Development

Xinavane Sugar, Mozambique – Floppy Conversion Projects

Markala Sugar, Mali – Center Pivot Development

LUSIP, Swaziland – Small Farmer Irrigation Development

Dwanga Sugar, Malawi – Center Pivot Development

Recent Projects Completed

Crookes Brothers – 330 ha Irrigation for Maize, Macadamias and Vegetables – Complete 2014

Royal Swaziland Sugar Co – 365 ha Sub Surface Drip Irrigation – Complete 2014

Basakie Tomatoes – Pongola – 117 ha Center Pivot Developments – Complete 2014

Xinavane Sugar – 500 ha Semisolid Set Irrigation – Complete 2015

Royal Swaziland Sugar Co – Advanced Pump Station Automation Pilot – Complete 2015

Ghana – 413 ha Mixed Type Irrigation System – Complete 2015

Complete List of Projects available on Website